A Look Inside a Renovated Glenbrook Valley Mod

Last week, owners Cheryl and David Bowman of 7919 Glenview Dr. were given a Good Brick Award from Preservation Houston for their renovation of this 1954 mod — one of the original 6, says Cheryl Bowman, built in Glenbrook Valley. Purchased in March 2011, the 2-bedroom, 1,834-sq.-ft. home, shown here from the backyard, wasn’t always such a pretty picture . . .


Inside, Bowman says, the original hardwood floors had been stained with dog urine and feces that had leeched through the carpet. The subflooring was rotting. Gutters had fallen off. Windows and sliding glass doors were both 1) jammed and 2) blackened with smoke.

And the plumbing wasn’t working. One of the previous owners, says Bowman, was using a bucket filled from the neighbors’ garden hose to encourage the toilets to flush.

Most of the renovations and repairs were finished by November 2011, less than a year later. Now, the boomerang-shaped mod doesn’t look so terribly shabby:

The front door opens to a bar that separates the kitchen from a recessed living area. The rear of the house is all windows, looking out into the backyard toward nearby Sims Bayou.

Down the hall are the 3 bedrooms. The master bedroom’s found at the northern end of the home, with more of those windows:

The patio and backyard:

Photos: Benjamin Hill Photography

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