A Lowe’s-Anchored Retail Center for Cinco Ranch; The Last Days of Georges Bistro on Westheimer


Photo of Mid Main: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • RE: Thor Equities. There’s already a Walgreens at that location. Are they opening up a store under another one of their brands or is the article, despite the 3/18/16 pub date, out of date?

  • Yes! Get rid of the Clearview font! I’ve always found it ugly, and it lacks the authoritative quality I find in the Standard Highway Gothic font.

  • Goodbye, Clearview, and good riddance.

  • Seriously? Passionate comments about a font? I must not travel in the right circles.

  • Re: Clearview
    I don’t mind the Clearview font but, as a font aficionado, I could tell the difference between it and the Standard Highway Alphabet and wondered why there was such a mix of fonts on Texas roadways. Now, I know: our state was one of the leading adopters of this experimental font.
    At least, we’re not going to experiment with Wingdings or Comic Sans.
    Private note to Superdave: Yes. Houston is a hotbed of font fanciers, it seems. :)

  • The internet gave voice to long isolated typeface obsessives. What do I want on my tombstone? Helvetica, of course. And none if that “Neue” crap.

  • with the exception of the ‘g’ and MAYBE the ‘e’, I see almost no difference. I’m always amazed that there are people into this type of thing.