Off-Menu Special at Georges Bistro on Westheimer: The Whole Shebang

OFF-MENU SPECIAL AT GEORGES BISTRO ON WESTHEIMER: THE WHOLE SHEBANG Georges Bistro, 219 Westheimer Rd., Lower Westheimer, Montrose, HoustonGeorges Bistro co-owner Monique Guy tells Eater Houston’s Jakeisha Wilmore that the French restaurant in the space formerly occupied by whole-hog-HQ Feast — and before that by Guy’s Chez Georges — is not on the verge of closing. Who could be spreading rumors to the contrary? Well, there is that online listing for the 3,114-sq.-ft. converted foursquare that houses the property at 219 Westheimer that went up a few weeks ago, offering the building, the 5,500-sq.-ft. lot, and the restaurant, including all fixtures, furniture, and equipment, for $1.295 million. Guy, who with her husband, Georges, owns the building and operates Georges, tells Wilmore the couple only listed the property “to see what kind of interest it would generate.” She declined to say if they had received any notable offers. [Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: LoopNet

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  • The old “It’s not for sale (But is for sale)” routine. People hoping to get a higher price if they pretend they don’t need to sell. It might work in purchases of emotional things or things of excitement, or even art, but real estate runs on numbers and figures and there’s plenty of time for buyers to stand back and consider these things in a sane and calculating manner.

  • commonsense: Yup, I call it “It’s not for sale but I’d sell” listing. I get cold calls on some of our properties all the time. They ask “Are you interested in selling…” I say “No, but I would”. They ask me for a price, I tell them that I’ll give them a price when I want to sell. Till then, I’m simply willing to listen to offers — so if they have one, let’s hear it.
    Saying you wouldn’t sell is never truthful. Of course you’d sell. It just might not be at a price someone is willing to pay as it might be worth more to you than the rest of the market.