Feasting on the Leftovers at Feast

Now that it’s all said and done, and Feast is closing Friday, the restaurant seems to be taking its culinary whole-hog approach to a logical conclusion: It’s throwing a yard sale and silent auction this weekend to get rid of itself. Opening in 2008 at 219 Westheimer — despite John Nova Lomax adding that address to his list of cursed locations — Feast has been dishing up tongues and testicles and everything between ever since. And this Saturday it’ll keep right on going, selling off appliances, silverware, tables and chairs, paintings, and auctioning the real choice bits — like that old-timey black-and-white sign out front. (If you’re squeamish about witnessing this kind of butchering in person, Eater Houston reports that you can bid by email.)

Photo: Keith Plocek

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