A Mondrian in the Museum District; Metro Bus Route Reimagining Reactions


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • There’s blood in the stock waters finally. Next up, home sales drop and inventory starts climbing. Not nearly enough 1st time home buyers to support the market with falling equities. I’d say we’ll be in a buyers market (6mo inventory) as early as Feb if we get a full 10% correction.

  • Im bummed WF decided not to put the 365 store in the new midtown location

  • Developers who are still building ultra-expensive luxury condos are either very confident or very foolhardy. I have my own opinion, but only time will tell. They haven’t even begun to break ground on some high-rise condo projects in my neighborhood (cough**ARABELLA**cough).

  • There is one of those 2 or 3 unit “developments” going up across the street from me. Building seems to have stopped. Which would kind of suck. Hopefully rental prices will go down inside the loop, and by that I mean Montrose.

  • Sally: I would’t hold your breath in Montrose. We’re still getting $800+/month for studios in older 1960’s class C buildings. They’ve been upgraded but they’re not, quite frankly, all that great (outside of location).
    And with the silly high prices that people are buying these older C buildings for, they’re projecting some serious rent increases in order to make any return (or they’re playing the [very] long game}