The Friendliest Cities for Small Businesses; Flood Warning Gates Going Up Across Houston


Photo of At Home closing, 2827 Dunvale Rd.: Robert Vercher


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  • 1500 sqft for a 3-bd is tiny for inner loop pricing. Sounds like builders are getting extremely cost conscious right now. Still, will be nice to have some more diversity in home sizes though as the price points will be much more favorable 10yrs down the road.

  • Why is the Government installing flood warning signs!? They should let the free market decide who floats out of the surge waters. If the market wanted to let cars drive through there, then it would decide that cars could float. Government shouldn’t interfere by preventing cars from driving through water. If I see one of those baricades with my Raised H2 and 9 ft high intake, I’ll just plow right on through!

  • Re: Surge Home Breaks Ground on 3 Projects
    The first one listed (Parc at Midtown) raised my eyebrow when it noted that the smallest unit (465 SF) would start at $150,000. Yowza. That’s a lot of money for a small amount of space. Here in the City of Sprawl, 465 square feet could be someone’s walk-in closet or garage.
    I live inside the loop in a condo and I consider 465 SF too small. And, I certainly wouldn’t pay $150,000 for that.

  • My garage apartment / man cave in Montrose is 500+ square feet. Does that mean I could remove all of my toys and rent it out for $1500 (assuming the standard 100:1 purchase:rent ratio)?

  • I’ll just state the obvious; the 465sqf units will be used for nooners or mother-in-laws, or maybe both, but not at the same time.