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  • He’s not only cool, he’s hip. That squirrel is planking!

  • Haha I always feel bad interrupting the plethora of squirrels around my complex when they are pulling this maneuver to stay cool.

  • That is exactly how my arch nemesis taunts me from my front porch! He is brazen but sharp. I saw him recently bending over a large pot once filled with aloe vera plants. He was hanging half out of the pot because he ate all the plants and couldn’t drag his bloated self out. He did, however, make it to the oak when seeing him through the window ran out to confront him. No luck. I’d sware he sat there grinning at me and flicking me with his tail! We’re going into our 5th month. Going to be a long Fall….

  • My favorite is when they hang from just their back feet on the trunk of our oak tree and stretch out their front legs. I am glad that it is cooling off for both the squirrels and people. Now if we could get some rain, they might lay off the aloe vera…