All Those Schools Near Chemical Plants; Midtown and Millennials

The Grove at Wilcrest

Photo of The Grove at Wilcrest: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I dont mean to hate on A&M but they have had a BAD history with off shore excursions recently and accidents in general making the news. Their racing boat capcized killed a few, another boat went missing (all on board were lost), two recent construction projects had a loss of life on campus and it seems every month now there is a Maroon alert making the front page of Chron. LSU definitely has done some voodoo on A&M when they moved to the SEC.

  • Master-Planned Communities Wooing Homebuyers with Recreational Amenities Gimmicks Like Zip Lines, Boats, Gym Classes [Houston Business Journal]
    Fixed it.
    In all honestly, though, I get that people want a sense of place where they live. This, however, reeks of ‘lipstick on a pig.’ But who am I to judge. I mean, its not like the city of Houston is swift at addressing the needs of its citizens in making the city more of a collection of livable communities.

  • @DNAguy Nailed it! +1

  • So, will any of e master planned communities start considering as an amenity van-pools from their community centers to major employment centers around Houston? It seems to me that this could take the place of official METRO bus lines out to he ‘burbs. Cheaper and less NIMBYism over the perceived negative element that buses bring. Scalable, too. If the van pools prove popular they could be upgraded to a commuter bus line.

  • “Lifestyle Coordinators” as staff at master planned communities? It sounds like a cruise ship. But I suppose when you live on a gated island awash in a sea of strip centers and generic conformity far from the mainland of the city you might as well be on the Love Boat. When you live in town you can be more creative and spontaneous and do your own cruising.

  • The pictured apartments are not midtown, unfortunately. They clutter my single family home neighborhood.

  • Glad they expanded the tax incentive!

  • @Mary aren’t those pictured apartments at Wilcrest and I-10 on the north side right on the frontage road? Not sure how that is cluttering your single-family neighborhood, unless you have a house fronting I-10

  • The millennials/Midtown article mentions that a half million youngsters were surveyed for the data. I have a very, very hard time believing that this is true. Even presidential election polls have trouble getting that large of a sample size.

  • In the video about the underpass for the Metro East End line, hearing Metro say they’re “going to go on warp speed” makes me give a large LOL.