Employees Are Moving into ExxonMobil’s New North Houston Campus Now

ExxonMobil North Houston Campus Under Construction, Springwoods Village, HoustonExxonmobil began moving the first workers into its new campus south of The Woodlands last Friday, a source tells Swamplot. Among the first to make the trek to the former pine forest (pictured at left, with workers in formation, during construction last year) near the intersections of I-45, the Hardy Toll Road, and the latest segment of the Grand Parkway: employees of the ExxonMobil Development Company, who’ve been working in Greenspoint for more than a dozen years.

Photo: ExxonMobil

It’s Moving Month!

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  • I used to work for the development company 12-14 yrs ago in their Greenspoint building. Interesting they get to move first! I will ask around.

  • Stupid Exxon and their stupid suburban campus

  • This was not the 1st move there as I work for the company. Others were already there.

  • To elseed
    Are you upset that you are not employed by the largest oil company? And get it right….its ExxonMobil, not Exxon.

  • @hardworkingwoman: Do you really take offense if somebody still calls it Exxon? I work for EM and call it Exxon sometimes. It’s simply because I (and others) are lazy. ExxonMobil –> Exxon, ConocoPhillips –> Conoco, Royal Dutch Shell –> Shell. As for her silly remark, yeah…

  • @hardworkingwoman: believe it or don’t, not everyone wants to work for XOM, probably because of the prevalent “we’re bigger/better/smarter than you” attitude you exhibit. I work there and even I get sick of it. And yes, I agree with the “stupid Exxon[Mobil]” statement on account of my five-minute commute becoming a 50-minute commute. Enjoy the rest of your Kool-Aid. You’ll go far here.

  • I’m curious what the employee reaction to this move is. I imagine some people don’t care, but I’d be a little worried about having my entire life literally revolve around my employer. The whole thing seems like a throwback to the old mining town – company store thing, but I’m sure the pay is much better.

  • There are a lot of Exxon resumes floating around town, mostly from early career folks (the “Mobil” is still there, but it’s silent).

  • I think elseed was just channeling Homer Simpson. Lighten up people!

  • EM has become old school. They are not the best and the brightest any longer. Many of my engineering /MBA/ associates are not interested in ExxonMobil in any way. Just a very slow moving, somewhat paranoid company who’s still living in the 70’s.

  • Saying that EM is living in the 70s displays a lot of ignorance of the company, and the industry really. Even the most mildly educated outsider could point out how dramatically the company changed in the early 90s (hint hint: it’s tied to a specific event).

  • I have worked for ExxonMobil for 8 years and have seen a change in a number of things that shows they are trying to bring in the best and the brightest. For instance, work/life balance..they actually want you to spend time with your family, take your vacations and participate in external events. Keeps you sane if you take time for yourself. Secondly, just the culture of management has changed since the Lee Raymond days, they have pretty much removed all those who acted like that guy. I have watched videos of him and I would have been embarrassed to work at EM knowing that guy was the boss. Tillerson is a real leader and doesn’t stand for that non-sense. Lastly, the campus is an effort to appeal to those not graduating today, but those who are in grade school, just kids. I think they put a huuuge amount of time and effort into what would they want in a company 20 years from now. Also, I could care less about the drive (if you work for EM, then you could end up anywhere at any time) and actually moved to Montgomery where it is cheaper and more peaceful than The Woodlands.

  • @lex millerson. I’m hoping you’re not posting derogatory comments about your employer under your real name… At least Sandy Aberdeen is brown nosing her way to the top.

  • I’ll fill in the blanks.

    Lex Millerson sounds a lot like Rex Tillerson. Do I get a cookie?

    I think Lex is safe…..