An Astrodome Makeover Timeline; Quieting Train Horns in the East End


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  • Sad day that the tortilla factory will go down for even more apartments. Love getting a whiff of tortillas on occasion.

  • Pretty sure we’ve just recently had articles on the lack of safe streets in Gulfton.

  • The problem with trains in the East End is much bigger than noise. They need to do something about them blocking the tracks for excessive amounts of time. This is true of the train tracks near Washington Blvd. too. Ridiculous to have trains blocking a main artery for vehicular traffic during rush hours. I realize the train tracks were there first, but surely something can be done to prevent thousands of people from being late for work on a semi regular basis.

  • @ MyTwoCents: To solve your “I’m late for work due to trains” issue, you could move. Faster and cheaper than fixing the train’s path.

  • @MyTwoCents: City needs to build over or under the tracks. Fairly certain federal laws preempt further local regulation. On Wash, there’s at least Yale and Montrose to go under the tracks. Don’t drive that much in the East End, so not sure if there are similar ways to bypass stopped trains.

  • “Luxury high rise apartments on North Shepherd to go up across the street from hip new restaurants and bars.” If you said that sentence 20 years ago, the response would have been something like “yeah, right. Maybe when the Astros win the world series.” Well, here we are.

  • @Woe is not me: so you’re suggesting that everyone that needs access over the tracks should move?

  • An overpass or underpass at Polk, Lawndale, or Telephone would go a long way in improving traffic flows.