An H-E-B for Fulshear; An Outsider’s View of Houston; Mapping Houston’s Health Problems


Photo of the Texas Medical Center: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Ugh, Swamplot come back to us already. I’m getting WAAAAY too much work done these days. If I don’t slow down my productivity soon it’s going to become expected of me. Maybe you are waiting for the trolls to die out? If so, let me know…I am from Jersey after all.

  • Right on JerseyGirl. I can only imagine how awful this is for commonsense.

  • Wait till I become your new moderator. I shall be your malevolent dictator where even Trump would vote for me.
    Every time I see an article on recycling or parklets, I’ll go and burn a pile of old tires whilst murmuring “Not on my watch!”