An Izakaya for Midtown; The Genius Behind Project Row Houses

houston police officers memorial

Photo of Houston Police Officers’ Memorial, Memorial Dr.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • A new “japanese tapas” restaurant on a block with an established tapas restaurant and another sushi place? Dumb dumb dumb. I miss Farragos. I wish this place luck… not sure what Post is thinking.

  • Congratulations to Rick Lowe for his genius grant, which nonetheless seems a tad late as a result of the rampant gentrification now ongoing in the Third Ward. PRH describes itself as “a unique experiment in activating the intersections between art, historic preservation, affordable and innovative housing, community relations and development, neighborhood revitalization, and human empowerment.” Given the pricey townhouses now replacing the single-family homes in the Third Ward and the departure of many African American residents for more affordable housing on the far north side of Houston, one fears that PRH is an island in this historic neighborhood, rather than a driver of preservation and revitalization.

  • @Brian: The way tapas is supposed to work requires a bunch of tapas joints close together. You pop in one and have a drink a bite, then wander to the next one. Maybe that’s what they’re shooting for.

  • Protesting a building of a school?!?! How delightfully ironic and comical.
    I guess it’s just “Third Ward Problems”.

  • What Rick Lowe didn’t realize apparently is that Project Row House would become this hipster, feel-good beacon the lit the way for massive demolition and gentrification. It was inevitable anyway though.

  • Next thing you know, the Project Row Houses will be targeted by a developer and demolished. For now, congratulations to Rick Lowe and to the PRH team!

  • These genius award winners were once predominantly scientists and artists. This year’s winners are mostly activists of some sort. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….