Daily Demolition Report: Michi-Gone

1136 Wakefield Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

We gather for destruction not the worst of what is out there, but what is most available.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 1136 Wakefield Dr.: HAR

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  • West of 290 is Oak Forest now?

  • The 1200 block of Wakefield is one of the most redeveloped blocks in all of Oak Forest – Garden Oaks. Jumping over Ella to the 1100 block is not a surprise – and this one is not the first over there.

  • @dr bunsen honeydrew – yes, if you look at a section map of oak forest, section 17 extends to a small part on the other side of 290.

  • The two Glen Park demo’s are for the Pegstar concert hall.

  • Will the 290 expansion swallow most or all of the houses on that side of Harland?

    I’ve always been curious about the strange little slivers of property left behind when expansion of a roadway takes a bite out of a neighborhood. Memorial Bend has a few bare plots on the east side of BW8 which I presume are too small or undesirable for anyone to build upon (unless HCTRA bought them outright?). The properties on the north side of Vassar in Boulevard Oaks look to have been chopped at an angle by the rail right-of-way that is now the utility easement along 59. I believe 1 Courtlandt Place was actually built on what was left of the lot after completion of the Spur 527 construction.

  • The Harland demos are homes being swallowed by the expansion of 290. YUMMY!

  • The demo on Michigan and Maryland is well underway.