Announcing the First Annual Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate

In Houston real estate, so much brilliant effort goes unsung, unheralded, unsold. Sure, there’s the big bucks to be made popping up strip centers in Pearland, the occasional weekend flip, the foreclosure kerfuffle. But after the money’s spent and gone: Where is the glory? Where are the prizes?

Starting next week, Swamplot will announce the categories for the first annual Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate — celebrating the developments, designs, personalities, and dreams that have helped make Houston real estate the kind of venture only Houstonians (or outside investors) would dare undertake — and only in Houston, too.

Once the categories are announced, we’ll need your help to come up with the right slate of nominees for each. What was notable in 2008? What stood out? What fell down? What valiant efforts have gone unrecognized?

All nominations and votes for these awards will come from Swamplot readers. We want you to participate. Because you get to live with it all.

Update: Nomination categories are now here!

One Comment

  • Best hype and let down – Sonoma

    Best Come back – Montrose Area

    Best 99k house – idk

    Best dead builder – ???