Another Judge Halts the Wheatley High School Demo; Banning Sidewalk Smoking


Photo of 2040 Westcreek Ln. and SkyHouse River Oaks: Mike Richardson


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  • Sidewalk smoking ban? Just goes to show do-gooders are never satisfied.
    Don’t it when people smoke around you? Hold your breath.

  • No doubt being pushed by Nanny Cohen, Parker and her sycophant Ed Gonzales. Enough with social engineering! Fix the damn infrastructure you nimrods.

  • Hmmm, let’s see, Ritz Carlton BLVD Place–nope—Apache Headquarters? No Date. It seems BLVD Place has all these lofty ambitions, then ends up with a Whole Foods and an eponymous Hanover Highrise–I already miss The Pavilion.

    As for smoking, it’s disgusting, dude, I don’t have to deal with your death stick habit, ban it all.

  • banning smoking on the sidewalks is just stupid. how about we fix the major cancer zones around this city first and actually save some lives, then we can address this blatant fascism dressed up as nanny paternalism.

  • I am so tired of Parker and her cronies. Can we get her out already?

  • Anyone else ever noticed that those who wear the badge of tolerance are actually the most intolerant? Sidewalk smoking has little to do with anyone’s health except for the smoker’s. This is government sticking their noses too far into what the people do….but watch the same people snarl and shout if you try to tell them who they can marry or what they can or can’t do with their bodies.

  • If we have enough cops that their marginal product of public safety is low enough to take the fifteen minutes to ticket someone for smoking, we have too many cops.

  • On the one hand, the headline is wrong. Smoking is not being banned on sidewalks. From the article: “The city defines a public pedestrian walkway as any street closed to cars but open to pedestrians. Three areas appear to fall under that definition: Main Street Square, running along Main Street from Walker to Dallas streets, Dunlavy Street north of Allen Parkway and Walker Street between Dowling and St. Charles streets.”

    On the other hand, Parker’s notion that the law is meant to “set a community standard” rather than be enforced is ridiculous. It will get enforced one day, because it’s a law. It gets my goat when politicians pretend that the law they’re writing isn’t really the law that they’re writing. “Oh, nobody is going to USE the it that way.” Really? I don’t believe you.