What the SkyHouse River Oaks, Not Far from River Oaks, Will Actually Look Like

Proposed SkyHouse River Oaks, Westcreek Ln., Highland Village, HoustonA pair of renderings are out showing the sorta-near-River-Oaks River Oaks SkyHouse, which has already broken ground, the developers declared yesterday. And — surprise! — it looks a whole lot like the SkyHouse Houston going up downtown (as well as the 9 other SkyHouses completed or under construction in other Southern cities). Two views — one more polished than the other — will allow map sleuths to pinpoint the tower’s spot within Cypress Realty Advisor’s redevelopment of the former Westcreek Apartments: It’s on the plot of the now-vacant apartment block at 2041 Westcreek Ln., directly adjacent to the, uh, “River Oaks” Target. It’s identified as Building D in the site map below. Ashley Furniture is the white box at the top left of the image above, on the other side of San Felipe.


Westcreek Apartments Addresses, Houston

The tower will be 25 stories tall and contain 352 units, plus a top-floor signature common area with 2 swimming pools, fireplaces, fitness rooms, and other apartment staples. In the more polished rendering below, Westcreek Ln. is in the foreground.




Proposed SkyHouse River Oaks, Westcreek Ln., Highland Village, Houston

Renderings: Novare Group (top), Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart (bottom). Plan: CBRE (PDF)

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  • I hope the quality of both skyhouses is good. It is like a chain restaurant, just chain highrise aparment towers. Their target group is 22 year olds… so these would need to be somewhat affordable… I just hope these factors don’t mean that this building isnt built to last.

  • How about Skyhouse Target or more honestly and geographically correct, Skyhouse Briar Hollow—I really loath these developers who build the same building over and over, it just shows a cheap laziness. I hate to walk into a building and think, uh I’ve been here before, no wait it’s actuality just like the one I was in in Atlanta.. and Chicago.. and Dallas….

  • Uh and dude, no way these are going to be affordable to 22 year olds, unless they’re on a trust fund or partner track at Baker Botts.. get re, look where this is located!–River Oaks…ish

  • More street-level cityscape made up of prefab concrete parking garages. If I could have just one property use law…

  • I think it is for people in their 20’s. . . .

  • Late 20’s, 30’s–sure—22!!, give me a break

  • Most people coming out of college can’t even find a job, so it’s absurd to think some 22 year old making 35000, if he’s lucky!, can afford to live here

  • @Shannon
    I’m usually in agreement with 99% of what you say, but I’m going to have to object on your 1st post.
    I’ll take a cookie-cutter Skyhouse over the 4-8 story Texas wrap around apartment complex with no ground floor retail that seems to pass as ‘dense’ development in this city. Heck this one might have GFR like the one downtown (at least I think the one downtown has GFR).
    Let’s remember that this is replacing a plot that has two stories of apartments and it’s not a strip center.
    We aren’t’ getting a cohesive River Oaks district / Westcreek development. The best we can hope for is something like this.
    Oh BTW, I got this link from HAIF on further developments in the area:
    Here’s the post:

  • @Shannon, what are you talking about? Plenty of oil/gas college grads can live here. Entry-level jobs start in the $70s/$80s ($100K+ if you’re a geologist), so paying $1,500/month isn’t all that hard. The question is do you want to do so.

  • What my best friend has an MBA from Penn and he didn’t start at 80,000–my cousin has a law degree from Baylor and he didn’t start out over 100000

  • No way a 22 year old geology grad makes 100000–

  • @Shannon. As a geology senior @ tamu I can say that yeah an entry level geologist can make 80-90k but only after grad school. However, there are plenty of entry level petroleum engineers make that kind of money and are even getting signing bonuses.

  • Shannon-
    As a real estate broker who has leased quite a few units lately, I can assure you that there are LOTS of freshly minted undergrads moving to Houston for their first job out of college and pulling in $80,000 – $90,000/year. You learn a lot about people really quickly when your first conversation includes, “Here. Fill out this rental application.”

  • I would say 6-7 years ago a college grad came into the OG&C market making average 55k, now with the industry booming in shale, offshore,& LNG the market is very competitive which drove the entry job salary into the 70-80k range.

    @Shannon I would have to say at least half of the suit/ties that I deal with have MBA from an exclusive college, and the other half come from the good ole boy group. My point being is that having an MBA in Houston is like being a Lawyer, Doctor, or Engineer in Houston.

  • @Shannon……you’d be surprised what one can make when they actually work all day instead of commenting on every single Swamplot article, complaining about how everything sucks.

  • @Shannon/dgtlmeatloaf:

    OK, so a geologist w/ a Master’s can pull $100K+ straight out of grad school and perhaps they’re 24/25. I know a few who had salaries north if six figures and this is from 2009. I’m not sure what MBAs make these days (perhaps it’s down from years ago), but to not come out making $80K is too bad for all the money most people pour into it. The MBAs (from the last 2-3 years) I know come out making $90-$110K + a signing bonus that can be as much as $50K.