The Demolition Situation at the Westcreek Apartments

The resident tipster who let us know about the pending evictions at Westcreek at River Oaks Apartments sends in this “makeshift map,” which provides a more accurate view on the changes coming — for now, anyway — to the complex directly behind the so-called River Oaks District. As the map makes clear, the tipster explains that, according to the Westcreek property manager, only 2 of the 6 buildings have been sold and are slated for demolition: B and D, right next to the Target on San Felipe. Still, the remaining 4, to which some of the displaced residents have agreed to be relocated, are for sale.

Map: Swamplot inbox

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  • Wow. That complex was still actively leasing as late as the end of May.

    One wonders how many people will end up being evicted twice if the other buildings get torn down.

  • Talk about being on Life Support. It’s hard to understand why anyone would sign a lease at this complex, it’s obvious it could be sold out from under them anytime, then they too would have 60 days to vacate. It’s surprising that all have not sold, it’s an unparalleled location. In the image above it looks like these buildings being demolished won’t be part of The River Oaks District, may be a small Wal Mart will be built to compliment the Target next door, JK. It is interesting that their touting this River Oaks District as a sort of Rodeo Collection blown up Texas Style yet it’s behind a…Target. It’s hard to picture a target next to Cartier on Rodeo Drive, but alas this is Houston, so in some ways it makes sense.

  • From the renderings I’ve seen, I have to admit this will be a very elegant property, and I’m sure the residences will appreciate having a Target next door, I just wonder id the view of the backside of Target will be worth the exhorbident prices I’m sure you’ll pay. Granted, it’s a great location, however it is near a busy train track and behind a giant Target, just sayin

  • That was the Target that Beyonce was spotted at when she was last here, so heck yeah people are gonna pay that much to be near it.

  • I am sure for the right price that Target is a goner as well … The demo won’t cost much and the land value is going up, up, up. I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear the developers of the “River Oaks” District have planned accordingly for an eventual connection of the two properties.

  • As someone who offices directly across 610 with plain view of the Target and this monstrosity going up – I can safely say that Target could cut their parking lot in half and not inconvenience a single soul. It’s not even full during the Holidays. Maybe they can put a Dunkin Donuts in the front part of the lot – that would make this fat boy very happy.

  • I agree, Target may soon be a goner, even if “Beyonce” shops there.

  • Joe,

    Have you ever been to the that target during evening rush hour or the weekend? It is packed. I can see this Target more likely being redeveloped into an urban Target found in some cities.

  • I lived there for five years back in the late 90’s. It was a great place to live. The buildings were older but well built, very quiet, an awesome location, good neighbors.

    Thankfully my building will be spared the wrecking ball.

  • I lived in 4444 Westheimer at the time of their shutdown last year. Quite a few people moved to Westcreek. I suspected this would happen and am glad I choose a different property, in another neighborhood. I’m sorry to those who are evicted just a year later.