Another Law Firm for 609 Main; The Case of the Fake Houston Restaurant Facebook Pages


Photo of the Fifth Ward: o texano via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • What will be the Uber charge for the quarter mile, but 20 minute, trip from one side of the twenty lane freeway to the other?

  • Question; should a county commissioner be focused on a statistically insignificant percentage of fraudulent flood claims or preventing his very precinct from flooding out thousands of older pre-existing homeowners living downstream?
    I’m sure he talked about a lot more important things, but public representatives should know well enough not to make dumb statements based on anecdotal experiences and to rely on actual facts and statistics.
    If I was an insurance company I’d be pelting the hell out of his office right now for details on these known fraudulent claims.

  • Recall Steve Radack! That type of ignorance is inexcusable.

  • re: Roeder’s Pub. Are they seriously naming it “Goofbar”? That is an awful name. C’mon Roeder’s you can do better than that!

  • JP: Pretty clearly a play to the Garden Oaks / Oak Forest crowd, don’t you think?

  • Al: you’re right, but this is not at all within what anyone would consider Garden Oaks or Oak Forest. It sits at the intersection of Shady Acres and Timbergrove. Maybe the Shadytimber Bar?

  • “Honey, going out for some milk. Has Horseshoe been fed?”

  • Goofbar is hard to say.

  • Al, you’re correct – The “GOOF” crowd – at least those who like to be referred to in this way love to be flattered, but it is highly unlikely to be named this. Apparently Corkscrew apparently had disagreements with the landlord which led to its June closure – not sure that this bodes well for the next tenants.

  • I know someone who was in La Tapatia at the time of the fire. It was a kitchen fire and when smoke began to enter the dining room, they evacuated the place. Reopenings typically take longer than expected, but I wouldn’t think the Montrose cash cow location would be closed permanently, unless they’ve decided to sell.