The Last Hours of That Shopping Center at S. Shepherd and W. Alabama, Where The New CVS Is Going In



Reader Sean McManus was on the spot for yesterday’s demolition proceedings at the southwest corner of W. Alabama St. and S. Shepherd Dr., where Roeder’s Pub, Ruchi’s taqueria, Fly High Little Bunny jewelry store and the River Oaks Dry Cleaners are being swept away in favor of a CVS pharmacy.

“As I was taking [the pictures], one of the deconstruction workers asked if he could help me,” McManus writes. “I told him that I was just taking a couple of quick photos. His response:Pfft… Memories.'”

More hot demo porn after the jump:









Photos: Sean McManus (top 6); Peter Lucas (bottom 3)

Fly High, Little Ruchi and Roeder

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  • These CVS stores are a cancer on the landscape. Sitting on the ashes of what were once small businesses they remind me of an invasive species. They spread like hydrilla. They are the Chinese Tallow of drug stores.

  • Funny how one gets nostalgic for a ratty old strip center when something like a CVS is going in its place. I do.

  • RIP Ruchi’s and after hours beer in styrofoam cups

  • As much as I would like to have a pharmacy in walking distance, why did it have to be a parking lot paradise with a drive thru and ugly CVS?

  • And with that strip center goes the character of the neighborhood. Never went to Roeder’s, but did go to Ruchi’s a couple of times. Not saying I’m going to miss the strip center, but a new CVS is just going to look like all the others that were built after the Eckerd buyout. Each new development strips away the character of the neighborhood. Eventually you won’t be able to tell if you’re in Katy or the Montrose because everything is going to look the same.

  • In the above photos, underneath the plaster wall where “CLOSED” is spray painted, there was a charming old-fashioned advertising sign painted on the original red bricks of that corner building. I photographed the original painted brick sign right before the wall was covered with wire lathe, panels, and plaster.

    I’m sure the new CVS store will be as hideous-looking as all of the rest of their stores. Not saying the now-gone strip center was any great shakes, but the original brick building was quite pleasant to look at.

  • This is why Houston is just like a sibling. You love it and hate it at the same. Fly High, Little Bunny. You’ll be missed. Roeder’s was a place neighborhood folks rode their bikes to and the bartenders knew your name. CVS just wants your phone number to spam you. See ya later, Cat Rescue Bungalow and hello drive-thru lanes so if you’re too lazy to get out of your car at the CVS at 59@Kirby or Westheimer by Chuy’s or Montrose @ Richmond or insert hundreds of other locations, you can now do it here. F. T. S.

  • Fly High Little Bunny was a precious little place, where they remembered you and what you (or your girlfriend or wife) liked and prices were negotiable. Their inventory included items from local artisans and one-of-a-kind pieces not found anywhere else. I visited yesterday and made my (final) purchase after getting a warm welcome from the owner, who does NOT quite know where he and his current inventory will end up.

  • The above comment by Doofus should be a “comment of the day.”

  • Spent a lot of time drinking sangria and playing PacMan at the 24 hour Hungry’s in the 80’s (Where the Ruchi’s was, not sure if it was the direct predecessor.) Just another memory.

  • I think CVS, Walgreens and the various competing banks won’t give up until every intersection in Houston has at least 2 drug stores and 2 stand-alone bank branches. Urban fabric and uniqueness be damned.

  • If I’m not mistaken, the direct predecessor of Ruchi’s was Cafe Edi. And I had forgotten, but there used to be a pool hall in that strip somewhere, in the 1988-ish period.

  • This lot seems too big for just a CVS. I’m very upset as I am just a few doors down from the proposed CVS on W Alabama. (Residential) Should I sell or stay? I just don’t know.

  • Exciting time to live here……you know I moved to Houston 14 years ago, soon the inner loop will look nothing like it did when I moved here.
    I still remember a gas station on the corner of Westheimer and Kirby (where the West Ave is currently located)

  • Egad! My dad used to own the now defunct cleaners before selling out to the enterprising gentleman that owns River Oaks Dry Cleaners.

    And Becky Hardy’s dad owned the Gulf station on the corner of Kirby and Westheimer.

    I am mortified to admit that I don’t even remember the name of my dad’s old shop. As the man said…pffft

  • Stop the presses. Mr. Hardy’s gas station was at Wesleyan & Westheimer where the Cadence Bank now sits.

    Memory gone pffft? So has mine. But I do remember when DeMontrond Buick was on the Northeast corner of Kirby & Westheimer.

  • While we’re waxing nostalgic I miss the old hunan dragon across the street (now an awful Jenni’s noodle house) and record rack.. Buying new vinyl and eating crispy mongolian beef man those were the days in the 90’s..

  • If someone’s in the neighborhood today with a camera, can you snap a pic of the mural on the south side of Fly High’s former space? I saw it last night in the dark, and I think it is a pair of eyes or ears with some words, maybe “Don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.”

  • I saw that mural last night, reminding me of the mural on the side of the old Sound Exchange on the drag in Austin. If it’s still there today I’ll grab a pic of it.

  • What do we need another crap py cvs..montrose is gone..tear it down. I’m so sorry for yall lloss. It makes me sick to my stomach what or happening to you inner loop community. We have no recourse. Thus is NOT progress, your destroying the footprint old houston….I do hope yall can find a place to open up again. Independent shop owners are going fast in houston.i don’t think I like it here anymore. Sam vanbibber/Wear it again sam.

  • Which corner of westhiemer and weslayn? The northwest was a family business and was in private hands for 50 years.