Another New Category for This Year’s Swampies: Best Mobile Food Vendor Location

Earlier today we introduced a new category for this year’s Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate. There are a total of 3 so far: Favorite Houston Design Cliché, Best Demolition and the newbie: Best Body of Water. And now there’s another new category to chew on: Best Mobile Food Vendor Location.

Food trucks have a place in the city’s landscape, but the spot each one inhabits is ever-changing. (Well, some more than others.) Where’s the best spot in the city to grab some grub-on-the-go? Feel free to nominate your favorite parking lot, roadside stop, or other destination, be it tweeted or untweeted, enshrined or merely rolled over. If you’re trying to sneak in a nomination for your favorite mobile food vendor, you’ll need to be clever about it: This award is meant to honor the locations, not the meal-delivery vehicles themselves.

To get your pick on the official ballot, submit your suggestion — along with a smart explanation for why it’s a good choice — in the comments section below. Or email your nomination to us. Just make sure to do so no later than midnight this Thursday, December 11. More thorough instructions can be found here.

The 2014 Swampies

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  • Houston Food Truck Park 1311 Leeland

  • Across Bissonnet from the Museum of Fine Arts. If you eat lunch there, you can pick up a card that grants you free admission to the museum right then and there. It’s a lunch date! Even if you don’t go inside, you can sit down in the shade of the Cullen Sculpture Garden to eat your meal.

  • West Alabama Ice House. It’s a great place to kick back all day and is dog-friendly, too, but the lack of food is a problem. I’m glad a couple of mobile eateries call it home.

  • Any large outdoor festival that allows food trucks on site. Houston has a lot of great outdoor festivals and venues, but I always hated going to any big event because the food was always awful. It would either be a captive concession stand with highway truck stop convenience store quality food or a carny-esque traveling food vendor with a tent, grill and lots of under cooked turkey legs and burgers made from frozen Sysco meat. It is so nice to now go to these events and have your pick from a bunch of different food trucks.

  • The Fish and the Knife. Oh wait…you meant “mobile” as in the building, not the tenants…

  • The second Tuesday of the month food truck gathering at Post Oak Central. Wish they would do it more often!

  • The University of Houston.

  • The line at the Tacos Tierra truck across from the West Alabama Ice House speaks volumes.

  • Museum of Fine Arts old parking lot… the dining room is the Cullen Sculpture Garden!