Appreciation for Swamplot Advertisers

A big thank you to these direct advertisers, who are doing us all a service by occupying some important real estate on the pages of Swamplot:

And a warm welcome to Swamplot’s newest advertiser:

This year’s RDA tour, on March 28th and 29th, will feature small houses.

If you’d like to join this select group and get your message out to Swamplot’s large, loyal and unique audience of smart, rabid Houston real-estate fans, get in touch with us. You’ll find a rate sheet and contact info on our advertising page.

Also, Swamplot is pleased to announce that the RDA has also agreed to sponsor 2 prizes each month for the Neighborhood Guessing Game. Winners of RDA-sponsored rounds will receive a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance, which you’ll be able to give to a friend if you’re already a member. Individual RDA memberships are ordinarily $45 a year.

If you’d like to promote your business by sponsoring a prize, slots are still available! Next week we’ll be giving away a prize for the NGG that’s being donated by a brand new sponsor — and we’re betting it’ll be highly sought after. Stay tuned!