Comment of the Day: What Happened to Carter’s Grove?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT HAPPENED TO CARTER’S GROVE? “I still go back to Carter’s Grove Apartments as an example of restoration vs. teardown. They were the shame of Garden Oaks and a proven hazard to residents with over 240 municipal court violations resulting in a $100K fine for the owner. Take a drive around North Shepherd at 34th and see what restoration hath wrought with minimal disruption to the area and improvements on utility infrastructure as well as property values. If those ratholes can have a future life as pricey condos, anything is possible.” [Hellsing, commenting on Wilshire Village Fire Hazard Sale: Everyone and Everything Must Go!]

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  • I live on 30th & Shepherd. Carter’s Grove was looking really good after some fixup’s but nothing’s been happening lately. The neighborhood scuttle-butt is that the owners have again dropped the project and are focusing their money on other investments during the economic downturn. Does anyone else know what’s up?
    Also, who knows what’s happening with the Krogrer/11th Street Center. The middle section has been demo’d.

  • It’s been posted that Kroger is expanding into the vacant spaces in that center and will be the largest nad best Kroger to date. WOOHOO!!!

  • Susan: I’m on 31st near Alba, and have been wondering the same thing. I was hoping Carter’s Grove would be bulldozed. but at least renovation was better than the rotting shells that sat for so long. Now … nada. What gives?

  • I lived in Carter’s Grove in the mid ’70’s and would love to have a picture of it. If anyone nearby could email me a picture, I would really appreciate it. Answer back here and I can send my email address.


  • Carter’s Grove which has been shuttered for some time is a sad tale. A group named “The RightPlace” purchased the property with money from hundreds of individual investors – all being generally out of state and almost all are retired. They were sold a bill of goods on this and numerous other Class C & D Apartment projects. These trusting people gave over there money on the promise that The RIght Place would renovate the project and then sell them as Condos and the investors would walk away with a nice profit in their remaining senior years. The Right Place over extended themselves and when the market took a nose dive, they simply walked away forcing all these little old people to fight their way through the foreclosure process and saddled with the property taxes to boot! The investors of Carters Grove (renamed to Garden Oaks)are planning to tear down the property but have to come up with the money to demolish. Truly, a sad story.

  • Any body know what is going on at these apartments? I drove by their the other day 2/8/12 and it looks like they are gutting them for renovation vs. tear down.

    I was really hoping for them to tear down and rebuild with nice homes, but that does not seem to be the case.

  • This property is now known as Reserve at Garden Oaks. You can see the property photos at their website at The property is a TOTAL different property now. It is an A property with ALL the upgrades. Really nice! and totally different from what was there before. Go check them out your self.