Artist’s “Funnel Tunnel” Frame Placed in Montrose Median

It’s taken a bit longer than Patrick Renner initially expected — he told Glasstire back in January that the “Funnel Tunnel” would be installed in February — but at least the sinuous steel frame that will be covered in repainted salvaged lumber was set up today in Hyde Park. You can see the giant tomato cage on Montrose Blvd., right in front of Inversion and the Art League of Houston.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • [Breaking News] Earth’s black hole forming in Montrose neighborhood of Houston, TX.

  • Do Dan Havel and Dean Ruck get a bit of credit on this piece? Seems fairly
    derivative to me.

  • This thing looks like a giant colon, how appropriate.

  • @biggie

    No simple derivative here: the “black hole archetype” is encoded into the Montrose neighborhood and artists are now decoding it in their own valid ways; see also Dan Havel’s response at Glasstire:

  • This isn’t Art it’s chicken wire–I hope the city picks up this on trash day–John Singer Sargent is an artist, this guy is a salvage collector, he has more in common with Fred Sanford than Alexander Calder

  • Five months late and that’s all he’s got?

    Hope the CoH hauls that crap off. Or maybe the homeless will sell it for scrap.

  • Homage. Is homage ever derivative or is derivative ever homage? Of course it’s art! It’s causing an argument.

  • Not only is he a great comteporary artist, he began his career early even before attending HSPVA. He has solidified his style using reclaimed painted wood and morphing it into various celebratory forms. You can’t even judge it properly until its complete, silly people.

  • It’s refuse, William–garbage–people throw this shit in the trash–get real, this sucks and it makes the park look like Harris County Dump

  • We would hope that the “League” could have
    Mr. Havel back for an encore performance
    so as to inspire many more “important” young artist types

  • Good grief, it’s not even finished. It’s going to be fantastic!

  • This looks like the entrance to a Consentration Camp. It’s revolting, frankly. It’s amazing that you can dump a metal heap in a public park and call it art–next time you replace your chicken wire fence just go dump it in Memorial and call it “Art”

  • Jeepers…Some People aren’t real good at reading comprehension today. Let me parse out the middle two lines of the original post…

    “SINUOUS STEEL FRAME* that will be** covered***…”

    *frame: (n): 2.a. the underlying constructional system or structure that gives shape or strength (Merriam Webster)

    **will be: “We can use ‘will be doing’ to talk about something that will be in progress at a particular moment in the future.” (

    ***covered: (tv): 2.a. to lie over: envelop [a blanket covering her legs] (M-W)

    Or, one could just follow the “Previously on Swamplot” link.

  • Shannon: Do you ever have anything nice to say?

  • We don’t need a condescending explanation, we’re all functioning literates–we all understand what this hideous mess will extrapolate into, it’s not exactly rocket science, so spare us the Mr Rogers tone, frankly I never could stand him

  • mollusk–It’s not that some people aren’t good at reading, it’s that some people are trolls.

  • People–it is not finished. Read the articles on it — it sounds like it will be awesome.

  • @Shannon: how is your reading comprehension? IT’S.NOT.FINISHED. You probably thought “Inversion” was a piece of crap, too. The conceptual drawings look pretty cool.Great addition to the esplanade! Can’t wait to see it.

  • @Shannon.
    Oh that’s funny–you telling someone else not to be condescending. Textbook psychology 101.
    Let the extrapolation begin…….

  • Lol, Jay–touché

  • Oh Phil please, this unholy Trinty of crap will be a barnacle on the face of Hyde Park, I really pity the people who live close by and will have to look at this mess coiled mass of garbage –Phil, I’m guessing you were a Cy Twombly groupie–sigh*

  • @shannon

    I will see it every day and I welcome it, as well as cy Twombly. Let us all see what you have created as an artistic expression….

  • As formerly quirky, creative areas become domesticated, quirkiness and observable creativity becomes repackaged and displayed in the form of public art so the domesticated ones can feel like they live in a quirky area.

  • There is a fine line between art and crap.

  • Don’t feed the troll people

  • more street art, please!

    & yes- i love Cy Twombly