Astrodome Inspiration in Berlin; B&B Butchers Rollout; Concrete Panels for Potholes

buffalo bayou downtown

Photo of Buffalo Bayou Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I’m going to have a really hard time going to some high end expensive butcher shop when I could just pop down to Guys Meat Market. Maybe if they have rarer cuts or something. But when it comes to ribs or brisket, 95 times out of a 100 the quality of the finished product is more dependent on the skill of the griller than the quality of the meat. This isn’t to say that Guys doesn’t have great meat either. Bought a beef tenderloin there (something that is very quality dependent) and it came out amazing. For steaks….maybe.

  • Berlin Inspiration for Astrodome:
    Watching every motion
    In my foolish lover’s game
    On this endless ocean
    Finally lovers know no shame
    Turning and returning
    To some secret place inside
    Watching in slow motion
    As you turn around and say
    Blow that thing away
    Blow that thing away

  • Any way to keep Ed Emmett in Berlin….forever ?

  • OMFG, if this Emmet trip is on taxpayer funding someone needs to be fired yesterday. We had a long and extensive private proposal period for the redevelopment of the stupiddome to vet out all of these exact possibilities for a reason, did we not? None of them were determined to be feasible or revenue sustainable. How on earth is this trip supposed to determine anything of value for Houston as whats successful in Berlin (a global tourist trap with the second largest population in the entire EU) bares no relation to what can be successful in Houston. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re being taken for a ride as taxpayers are the only suckers left to pick up the tab for any future boondoggles involved with the dome.

  • Has the city ever considered infrared asphalt repairs? I remember reading about Kasi Infrared ( and found this company outside of DC ( Surely, this technology could be applied to Houston roads.

  • Parker and 30 of her cronies just got back from vaca…err a trade mission to India. I guess Emmett thinks it’s his turn.

  • And from what I read somewhere else about the Berlin zeppelin hangar, it’s been a big failure for the company that built it.

  • The taxpayers have spoken – why is the county still pushing for this ? Hopefully we are not funding the Berlin boondoggle. Replicating Berlin’s concept would be better-suited to Vegas where kitsch plays (and pays) SO well.

  • The Astrodome should take inspiration from Memphis and what they did with the Pyramid and lease out the innerspace for retail and make the outer structure a hotel.

  • “Special” Ed Emmett and an entourage? Who does this little clown think he is? Some kind of OG?

    Must be nice, ruling his own little fiefdom on the taxpayers’ dime.