Have Butchers Come to Carve Up Washington Ave’s Dittman Building?

1814 Washington Ave., Houston

Sign, 1814 Washington Ave., HoustonHere’s a sign of some stirrings in the Dittman Building at 1814 Washington Ave, just east of Silver St. It’s a TABC notice indicating an application has been made for a company named B & R Butchers to serve alcohol at this location. Who’s behind this future restaurant, and will it wield such a formidable, meat-carving name over its menu, whenever it gets around to opening? Here’s one clue: The company’s registered agent appears to be Houston Smith & Wollensky general manager Benjamin Berg.

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Noticing a TABC Notice

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  • Very interesting. I like where this is going.

  • I have always wondered why that building didn’t draw more interest. It looks like a really nice space. I would love a steakhouse or butcher shop or whatever there. Just hope they have a smooth process getting moved in. Julep was supposed to go in across the streetish a long time ago and it doesn’t seem like there has been much work there lately and the sign for Big Eyed Fish isn’t up anymore either. I hope it all goes ahead. It could be a nice little group of bar/restaurants

  • Some good activity on Washington lately.

  • I’ve been wondering how the butcher shop business model has gone away for so long? We go to Revival from time to time, but their meat options are not a comprehensive rundown of options. Other than that, you’ve got some Hispanic-first options (again for time to time, but not everything you want) and then the grocery guys.

    I look forward to this, if it’s a sign of what’s coming. I sincerely hope it’s not close to the Heights General Store. I generally walk through there, then come out empty handed 5 minutes later thinking “what on earth just happened there?” The enthusiasm on the workers there reminds me of Walmart employees on the zombie shift.

  • Cellardweller. Here’s an update on the OSW stuff you asked about and a few others.

    Julep — Actually has finally started work on their space! They were recently featured in Garden & Gun.
    Big Eyed Fish — Still underway. Not sure what happened to their sign but I saw them out there the other day and spoke to them.
    Graffiti’s on union — Coming along nicely.
    Bun Penny — Corner store on Henderson and Kane. They are being pretty secretive about their space. They want it to be a surprise. They said it will be like a mini central market or rice epicurean. They have a side deck they just built for eating outside. They have been doing most of the work inside but I believe they will be fixing up the outside a bit more as it’s still in rough shape.

  • Greetings: Just where is this Washington Blvd, please?