Baytown Buc-ee’s Is Here; Goodbye Mission Burrito, Hello Ãœberrito Mexican Grill

sunset coffee building

Photo of the Sunset Coffee Building: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Who in the hell sued Misson Burrito???

  • Seems Valero comes-up often regarding efforts to reduce their taxes. Complicated topic, but my gut-feel is that the communities and their residents already get the short-end of having those industrial complexes at their doorstep – – and they should all be paying more taxes, rather than less. Hell, for nearby residents, it should probably be a property-tax free zone.

  • Beaver time!

  • I’ve been eating at Mission Burrito for years. I’ve never once confused their products with the tortillas offered by Mission Tortilla.
    I can safely say that I can see no reason to buy another Mission Tortilla product again.

  • @ wvgto: Tax policy should probably discourage residential habitation in neighborhoods near the Houston Ship Channel and encourage people to move away from them. As such, giving existing residents or residential property owners a tax cut in order to reward them for residing there or maintaining and leasing housing to other people would be extraordinarily counterproductive and stupid.

    Manchester in particular is a neighborhood where the City or State government should seriously consider its options with respect to eminent domain. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the region. Even the furthest north residential bits and pieces of Pasadena are better isolated from refinery activities and more integrated into their city than is Manchester.

  • mel: I think it’s an old story. They were sued by the mission tortilla people IIRC

  • @TheNiche: The point is that the neighbors deserve relief, not Valero. It would be great to see those companies fund equitable relocations

  • @ wvgto: It is well known that Valero has made buy-out offers to Manchester owners over a very long period of time in order to build up a buffer between the plant and the neighborhood. The owners nearest the plant get the highest offers, as well it should be, but winning them over is a slow process.

  • I didn’t realize Mission Burrito wasn’t related tbh. In other news I’ve eaten there once and was incredibly disappointed. I mean seriously folks, this is Houston. Don’t try slinging no half-assed carne asada in a town where I can buy a delicious 3$ torta from one of the thousands of tacquerias in this city.