Big Time for the Big Top: Midtown Island Disc

BIG TIME FOR THE BIG TOP: MIDTOWN ISLAND DISC At last, that little island of happening in Midtown has its very own song! “I Found My Weakness in You” was penned by Nick Gaitan, who lives above the Continental Club at 3700-3718 Main — and recorded by his employer, Billy Joe Shaver. Fellow “Island” resident Chris Gray sets the scene: “With surroundings like the 59 spur, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, a row of appointment-only antique stores and reams of vacant property — both lots and buildings — it can feel pretty isolated. An average Sunday night around 8 p.m., say, is as lonely as the desert in a John Ford flick (only with more trees). The streets are empty, save the strays making their way to and from the halfway house around the corner or the quick-marts at Fannin and Alabama for lottery tickets and 24-ounce cans of Bud or Olde English. It ain’t the Midtown you may have read about in glossy advertorial mags that tout valet parking and ridiculously overpriced cocktails, that’s for sure.” [Houston Press; hear the song here]