Brookfield’s Art Initiative; The 10-Foot-Tall Honeycomb in a Spring Garage

vintage signs from 357 Yale Street

Photo of signs removed from 357 Yale St.: Molly Block via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • RE: Heights prices…

    I just bought a house around the $400k range in the heights, just got the HCAD statement, they’ve raised the value to $510k… All the previous increases for the property were in the 5-10k range.

  • It would be nice to hear that Brookfield was actually breaking ground on that skyscraper at Allen Center. Brookfield announced that building like 75 years ago (more like 4 but it feels like 75). On their website they make it seem like the building is imminent, when in reality it seems they don’t have the financing and it’s just real estate gimmick to make the company look like it has big plans for Allen Center—keep the “Art” and build the building you continue to advertise. If in like the 5th year of the boom you still can’t get this project off the ground maybe it’s time to remove the “imminent” from the discussion, just sayin’.