Carrying Swords on Texas Streets; A Regional Guide to Bellaire Blvd. Cuisine; AmazonFresh for Houston

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  • Note to self: Buy my sword at Swords ‘R’ Us on August 31 in time for the new not-so-concealed sword law. (And, this is what we pay our legislature to do?)

  • Re: New State Law

    Are these people crazy? No one has a legitimate need to carry a sword, spear or machete on the streets. When this law becomes effective on September 1st I will be one of the first to bring one of these legal edged weapons into the state capitol building . The Republicans in control of the legislature are amazing stupid!

  • Re: Carrying Swords on Texas Streets

    Of course. Abbot really likes to protect the citizens. More guns, and now more blades. What about protecting people on Medicaid? Or protecting illegals who have family here? Protecting women’s reproductive health care? Protecting the rights of gays? So glad that weapons have a more important factor than the civil rights of gays. Violence. Brutality. Blood. Cool stuff.

  • I see the state legislature is working on attracting the all-important medieval knight and samurai voting constituencies.

  • That’s it, from now on I’m not going to the galleria without wearing my 5 foot long rapier and keep yelling at random people “En Garde!”

  • Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the legislature repealed a prior ban on carrying certain kinds of blades?

  • @Angostura

    And just how is that more sane?

  • In days of yore, like, centuries ago, a sword was a required, ornamental item of male formal dress in polite society. So the legislature may actually be promoting politesse, in a retrograde kind of way.

  • Can we pass any legislation that actually helps and benefits people? How does carrying a sword around on Polk street benefit people?

  • Sanity, WR, is getting the government out of American’s lives as much as possible.

  • Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Since we can all openly carry guns just about everywhere, only suckers will be packing knives.

  • What really amazes me is that this was passed in a SPECIAL SESSION of the legislature …. that means that Abbot himself decided that this was important enough to spend extra taxpayer money to pass this inane law, and people should be outraged.

    The Governor is definitely on the fringe of lunacy if not there already, and the legislature is clearly close behind.

  • @Barks, then you need to go live off the grid in Alaska …. good luck with that. Don’t let the bears eat you.

  • @WR, this was passed in the regular session that ended on May 31. The Special Session has not begun yet.

  • You guys are just no fun. This is going to take cosplay battles in public parks to a whole new level.
    Well worth blowing taxpayers money on and to keep ignoring dumb issues like school finance reform.

  • @WR
    A small point but the law was passed in the regular session. The special session circus (where we waste MORE tax dollars) doesn’t start until July 18.
    But, I’m in sympathy with you and HEB that the Lege spends time and effort on knuckleheaded things like this while real solutions to real problems don’t happen. Our burgeoning population, school finance, highways, water infrastructure, criminal justice system, medical care for our aged/weak, and other serious topics get left behind so that we can talk about who uses what bathroom, localities regulating trees, and whether swords can be carried in the open.
    As a native Texan, I thought we were in favor of getting things done. Not posturing (with our swords).

  • Why are you guys so Anti-Sword? We’ll see how you feel about this when the Golden Horde invades.

  • This sword resolution was passed just so Aggies can attack those pesky SMU grads.

  • Can’t wait to see all the idiots posing with their “swords” exposed – ugh!