07/17/09 9:16am

THE BATS OF WEST BELLFORT KHOU-TV has tape of the newest residents of the Idlewood Park Apartments at 11675 West Bellfort, just east of Kirkwood: A colony of bats that’s been living inside the walls of at least one building. An animal removal specialist from Trutech has installed a bat valve on a portion of the building’s second story. “They come out during feeding time which is between 5:30 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. They may have been in there for weeks, possibly months, but residents didn’t tell management until earlier this week. A resident shot video of the bats leaving for the morning and showed it to management. . . . ‘We will be here every day for two weeks to monitor what’s happening and to see what occurs with this. Because of the video, we saw there were a large number of bats, so this won’t be overnight where they are going to get out and fly out,’ said [Trutech’s Derek] van Delft.” [11 News]