Church of the Shepherd Drive-Thru

CHURCH OF THE SHEPHERD DRIVE-THRU The Christian non-denominational Succeed in Life Center near Shepherd and Tidwell has been offering drive-thru prayer service to members and non-members alike a couple of Saturdays a month since October, and pastor Damien Jackson tells Hair Balls the event has garnered praise from participants. ‘The reaction has been great. The people who drive by say everything from, “I’ve never heard of this, this is such a need idea, this is so helpful,”’ says Jackson, adding they regularly see between 20 and 30 cars an hour. Jackson explains that participants drive up to a window and fill out a request sheet, then drive to another window where they receive the prayer and a ‘quick word of encouragement’ from a pastor.” [Hair Balls]

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  • For every 3 blessings, receive a Hail Mary for FREE!!! And don’t forget double stamp Tuesdays!

  • Praying in your car is very personal. It is your private space. Thank God that those people were helped. They might never have come inside the church, but they did have the guts to drive up. I’ve heard that for many, it was an introduction to greater help they found when they returned to meet inside.