Cleveland Man Finds Jesus in 2×6 Pine Stud

Cutting through some 2×6 pine boards he was using to build a table yesterday at the Potetz Home Center in Cleveland, Texas, carpenter Eddie Fregia found Jesus. Or at least what appeared to be an image of Jesus. A long-haired, bearded figure was revealed in a knot Fregia cut through in the hardware supply store’s woodshop, 50 miles north of Houston. “It looked a lot like J.C.,” Fregia tells the Cleveland Advocate. “Either J.C. or my brother.” Fregia notified a coworker and his boss, and they agreed with Fregia’s assessment, though manager Kenny Rogers later told reporter Cassie Gregory that someone else who examined the knot said it looked more like musician and movie director Rob Zombie.


Various slices of the board apparently revealed slightly different Jesus-like images. “We had a whole stack of Jesuses,” Rogers joked to Gregory. Fregia cut off the end of the piece of wood with the clearest image and took it home with him. He says his wife might take it to the Lighthouse Church at Moss Hill in Hardin this Sunday, to show around.

Photo: Cassie Gregory, Cleveland Advocate

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