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  • Give it a few days. There are two places on my street on the market angling for a tear-down buyer.

  • all the local “gran turino” crowd got a little too big for their britches. 2 years ago, $170,000 was the ask. now it’s $220,000 — makes the build model tougher.

  • Not to worry – I drove Althea today from Ella to Rosslyn, and saw 4-5 for sale … it wont be long. Buh-bye little houses

  • Yes, the little houses and the “little people” are being replaced. Not necessarily a good thing. Thanks a lot for jacking up the prices.. not everyone appreciates this invasion. I live quite comfortably in one of those homes that the poster calls gran turino (sp) houses. I do not feel the need to have way more than one needs. My home is my home not anyone’s investment. My home has more real lumber than the gluttony being built. My home is not engineered wood. Your slight is offensive.