Comment of the Day: And the Next New Hot Spot Will Be Uncle Joe’s Club on Hillcroft

COMMENT OF THE DAY: AND THE NEXT NEW HOT SPOT WILL BE UNCLE JOE’S CLUB ON HILLCROFT “. . . My problem is that it is getting harder and harder to find places that are ‘unbeautiful.’ I want a bar, not a drinking experience. It’s not a hard formula: old building + inexpensive spiritsinterior design planning = bar. I guess I’ll just have to stick to Uncle Joe’s and stay away from downtown altogether from now on.” [Brad, commenting on Leon’s Lounge Takes a Turnover Break]

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  • There are tons of places. Just get the hell out of Midtown and Downtown and you’ll find them!!!!

  • kjb, this is one of the rare times when you and I are in total agreement. Toast!

  • Shamrock Inn on Gessner. Fun dive!

  • Jimmie’s Ice House – the original White Oak Watering Hole.

  • Petrol Station.

  • I am dying to know more about this Uncle Joe’s Club, since I live about five minutes south of there. I’d never heard of it, and neither had Yelp. They seem to know about all the dive bars! What’s the story??

  • Warren’s, which is downtown (on Market Square), is EXACTLY the bar you describe as your ideal. Been around for decades, cozy, unpretentious, and cheap ($4 a drink). Also, the strongest pour you will find anywhere in the city. Seriously, if you drop more than $20 in there, call a cab.

  • Does anyone on here remember Uncle Joe’s when it used to be Gabs in the early 1980’s?