Comment of the Day: As Seen on TeeVee

COMMENT OF THE DAY: AS SEEN ON TEEVEE “Remember the show “Houston Knights”? I loved watching that for [its] single season. My favorite part was the [scenic] hills off in the distance, and the heroes speeding to downtown from NASA via the Galleria. The scenes were always the same loops that they filmed here at one point put into different orders and called by different landmark names. The Astrodome was usually consistant but that was the only landmark they got right. I can’t wait to see all of the Dallas/FW landmarks called by Houston names. Sounds like a drinking game to me.” [SCD, commenting on Jerry Bruckheimer Knows All the Hottest Houston Cop Action Is in Dallas]

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  • I quit watching that show when the pilot showed a car going off the Main Street bridge in front of UH Downtown. That bridge has a 4 ft high concrete wall. No way a car is going off of that. I’m not surprised they screwed up other sights.

  • Just after the Hardy Toll Road was built, a movie scene was filmed at a toll plaza (Richey Rd?) It was to represent a Mexican border crossing, a car chase went thru there, and some signage was attached to the canopy. Anyone know the picture? Did it have Patrick Swayze in it?

  • Was it “The Chase” with Charlie Sheen and Kristi Swanson?

  • And I think Flea from the RHCP drove one them monster trucks in that Chase flick.

  • Get over it already. Movies and TV shows are filmed in different towns/cities than they are set in. Filming tax credits, casting calls, local infrastructure. Whatever. 99% of the people watching this show won’t know the difference between Dallas and Houston. In fact, 99% of people in Texas won’t notice the difference in 99% of the show since most of it is based in a studio. If Houston wants some Hollywood action than start giving tax credits to film crews. Until then….shut the F up.

  • I feel like Comic Book Guy when I sit in a theatre and make disgusting noises about the setting being wrong — like the Li Cunxin character in “Mao’s Last Dancer,” agog over a downtown skyline that didn’t look like that when Li first arrived in Houston. But I can’t help it.

  • Houston has filled in for other cities in movies as well. It played Washington D.C. in “Arlington Road”.

  • If Houston wants some Hollywood action than start giving tax credits to film crews. Until then….shut the F up.


    I repeat my comments from last week. Swamplot is *really* beginning to get trashy.

  • A co-worker was chuckling about this subject – she went to school with Robert Hill; Dr. John Hill’s son. The school depicted in the TV movie “Murder in Texas” was nothing like the actual school they attended off of Fountain View, nor was the house – no surpeise since the location was apparently a home in LA.