Comment of the Day: Club Some Time Ago

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CLUB SOME TIME AGO “Wow . . . far cry from the Emo’s and Club Some days that were housed on the first floor. Anyone remember the algae stricken pool as well as skateboard half pipe that was in the courtyard? Or better yet, the outdoor bathrooms that had no doors and long lines . . . shy guys need not apply. Those were the days. [AmyHM, commenting on A Serene Single Bedroom in an Un-Orphaned Villa Serena] Illustration: Lulu

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  • All I remember is the lasers inside Club Some, and the tremendous sketchiness of the area back in the mid 90s.

  • I bought my first new vehicle in March 1994, which is when I stopped going to Emos. Something about not trusting the guy who wanted $10 to watch my new car.

    I could also tell you a story about the stinking pool, but I probably shouldn’t

  • I remember it well. The good ol days.

  • I remember climbing inside one of the giant bassbins in Club Some. Loud. Club kids on “stuff.”

    Other side was beer drinking. Metal, punk, grunge was Emo’s. A true dichotomy of nightlife in one building.

  • I remember very little about Club Some…by the time of any given evening when it seemed like a good time to go, brain cells were already falling like flies. I do remember once convincing one of HPD’s finest that we were actually far more sober and less of a hazard than others who were likely to follow (and I continue to think kind thoughts of that officer, since I made it home with no other ill effects).

  • Club Some was a lot of fun. Especially in early ’93 when Mikey Pratt was at the turntables. I can’t say I remember every detail clearly due to the chemical haze, but… Yeah, it was a lot of fun.