Comment of the Day: Could a Third Reservoir, Up North, Hold Water?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: COULD A THIRD RESERVOIR, UP NORTH, HOLD WATER? “Make a reservoir or lake north of the city, just west of Humble at the confluence of Spring Creek and Cypress Creek, as well as the San Jacinto River just a bit to the east. This land is still undeveloped. These three major tributaries coming together in short order accentuates the flooding issues. If the water has nowhere to go it’s going to cause flooding. While a reservoir in west Harris County will hold that water back from surging downstream, it does absolutely nothing for the rainfall that falls on the hundreds of square miles of land in the Spring Creek, downstream Cypress Creek and San Jacinto River watersheds. The main intent of the proposed third dam is to keep the water from overflowing into Barker and Addicks. Creating a lake here could serve not only flood control issues, but also provide for another source of drinking water.” [Thomas, commenting on Abbott Signs Off on Harris County’s Harvey Anniversary Flood Bond Vote] Photo of the confluence of Spring and Willow Creeks: Northampton MUD

One Comment

  • 1). You’re too late. There’s about 10,000 acres in that area already under development in that area

    2) the west Houston third reservoir addresses the overflow problem on cypress creek – 25% of the water that goes into Addicks is basically running over the banks at Cypress Creek – adding capacity downstream doesn’t solve the problem of the upstream creek not having conveyance capacity to take the water somewhere else