Comment of the Day: Directing Bayport Tourists

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DIRECTING BAYPORT TOURISTS “This terminal sure has had some bad PR. Sure there’s the container terminal right next door, but it’s not so unsightly. And planting a few hundred or so palm trees could even obstruct that view from the roadway if so desired. There aren’t any refineries in the immediate area — lots of homes though. Those departing from the Bayport Cruise Terminal should be directed to drive from I-45 to NASA Bypass/Parkway to 146 to Port Road — thus avoiding the unsightly industrial area on 225. Make sure the passengers see Clear Lake on their way to the terminal instead of the Port of Houston. NASA and Kemah are just a few miles from this terminal. Kinda touristy if you ask me. Lots of land available for building hotels, restaurants, and shops too. It’s not Galveston — no. But it’s not all dark clouds as many make it out to be.” [Thomas, commenting on Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Bayport for Tourists]

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  • Nice try Thomas. Maybe if there is a free shuttle to the tourist ‘destinations’ things will work out better. Meh

  • I believe bovines prefer a lip balm since they’ve already got plenty of color.

  • If Thomas isn’t a realtor, he may have missed his calling.

  • It’s not like the Galveston terminal is in some secluded tourist area. Sure there’s some restaurants next door, but if you gaze out across the water towards pelican island you see a few oil rigs being spruced up, just to the west of the terminal there’s some serious train switching yards and it is next to some serious industrial complex.

    so it’s a pretty bad argument to call out the bayport terminal for being in some industrial wasteland, when the galveston terminal is in a similar position.

    And if you decide to exit 45 at harborside drive and take that, rather than going up broadway to 25th street. lol.

  • I’m not sure the problem is that the cruise terminal is next to commercial wharves, the problem is that the cruise terminal is so far from infrastructure to cater to pre- and post-cruisers, things like restaurants, hotels, and the odd tourist attraction thrown in. Plus, Hobby airport is a good 25 minute drive away ( and let’s not even talk about how distant Intercontinental is).
    If you cruise out of Baltimore ( city not known for beauty), you go out of a cruise terminal only about a mile from the Inner Harbor area with all it’s shopping, hotels, and aquarium. Galveston, New Orleans, Miami, San Diego, and San Francisco dock the ships within walking distance of tourist friendly infrastructure. And Cape Liberty, the cruise terminal in New Jersey that handles lots of NYC area cruisers, is industrial, but at least it’s a 10 minute cab ride from Newark Airport.
    Maybe the POHA should have looked at this in the planning stages and said, you know, we’re a better commercial/industrial port, so let’s leave the cruise business to Galveston.