Comment of the Day: Game Birds of the South Belt

COMMENT OF THE DAY: GAME BIRDS OF THE SOUTH BELT “There is a gun range close to 288 and Beltway 8 that has about 10 Peafowls (just found out only the male is actually called a Peacock) running wild. It’s crazy to be shooting your gun and right next to you is a curious bird that is completely unphased by the banging of the pistol. Very beautiful, LARGE birds that are used to being around people and guns! Very strange!” [AJ, commenting on The Feral Peafowl of Nottingham Forest]

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  • The girlies are called Peahens.

  • The range is called Bailey’s and its AWESOME!!! They have 100 yard rifle range, a skeet range and a pistol range. The only downside is on the pistol range, no rapid fire and targets are setup manually.

    I have grown up going to this range with my father and brother, and now take my cousins whenever they are in town.