Comment of the Day: Guidelines for Bovine Floor Decor

COMMENT OF THE DAY: GUIDELINES FOR BOVINE FLOOR DECOR Drawing of Cowhide Rug Outdoors“Apropos of nothing, is it normal to have a cow hide rug outside? I wouldn’t have one inside because they are gross, but it seems more egregious to have one outside. I am not sure why though, I mean the original owner of the hide was outside.” [OhMyPie; commenting on Townhome Complex Now Showing Off Amazing Views of Park Its Developers Were Fined for Clear-Cutting] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Yet another assine C of D, I’m assuming based on LuLu’s drawing–uh, this is Texas, people have these hides –maybe they move it in when the weather is in-climate, maybe they just put it out there because they thought it would make a good picture –who knows, who F$$k cares.

  • Usually when I see cowhide outside, it’s a seat or table covering. If you put it on the ground, it will get rubbed bald by shoes in no time at all. But while the fur will be gone, the matt will be tough as nails.

  • @Shannon: SUCK IT.