Comment of the Day: High Water Becomes Us

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HIGH WATER BECOMES US Houston in High Water“Does anybody else feel Houston looks really great in a flood? Other cities have mountains or snow or awesome historic architecture, colorful boisterous festivals . . . But from what I see, flooded Houston is green and peaceful — the perfect spot to live!” [movocelot, commenting on Comment of the Day: A Better Way To Tell If Your Home Is Going To Flood] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Yeah – it’s just like South Louisiana – swamp water everywhere, but instead of cypress trees and alligators poking out of the water, and we have colorful car roofs.

    You must have some good weed…

  • I usually find movocelot’s comments amusing, but this particular COTD is just asinine. Hundreds of people lost their homes across the city, thousands statewide. I would implore you to drive the streets of Meyerland where curbs are piled as tall as houses with trash, soaked hardwoods and carpeting, crumbling sheetrock, and warped furniture. The damage there – as well as other affected areas of town – is irreparable, and many neighborhoods will never be the same. Most, if not all of those who were affected, will be forced to move out for months while their houses are being renovated and repaired. Some will doze their lots and rebuild entirely. While the flooding may appear “peaceful” to you, it is a nightmare for others, and I would be remiss not to mention that people lost their lives. Have some freaking compassion.

  • Just don’t look to closely, you’ll notice the sheen of garbage that has been littered by thousands of our residents being washed into the oceans.
    If you look too close you may also see parts of people’s lives being swept out of their homes.

  • As more and more buildings are densely built up and grassy areas are covered by structures it would seem that flood control ordinarily accounted for by private properties would be offloaded onto the public at large. So I am guessing Houston will, in addition to renovating the bayous, have to construct some flood canals through the densest parts of the city which, yes, could potentially be quite beautiful.