Comment of the Day: How the Rusty Restaurant Look Made Its Way to Houston

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW THE RUSTY RESTAURANT LOOK MADE ITS WAY TO HOUSTON I blame Austin. Check out Uchi on Westheimer with its weathered metal patio screening. Or the late, unlamented Doc’s across the street, resplendent in the sort of patina that can be attained only through time (several hours’ worth of antiquing). Both had their roots in that fair city. If property owners want to transform their buildings into movie sets for Larry McMurtry stories, I suppose it’s their business (and businesses). Frankly, any change from the ubiquitous cheap stucco and warped sheet metal panels that clad Houston’s lesser buildings is welcome. There will be more attempts at false history; eventually, this trend will run its course.” [Big Tex, commenting on The Heavy Metal Taco Redo Now Taking Shape on N. Main off I-45] Photo of former El Taquito Rico, 3701 N. Main St.: Swamplot inbox

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  • I agree that slapping on the rusty, down-home design element is dumb.
    Those brand new storefronts ought to be old double-hung windows with peeling pant, crooked sashes, cracked glass…
    But that wouldn’t help sell a clean & safe eatery with a state of the art kitchen behind it. (We hope)
    So I guess the rusty bits say “Hey come on in! We’re casual!”

  • Terms of Endearment is a Larry McMurtry story…