Comment of the Day: Let’s Keep Houston’s Oddball Originality a Little More Original and Local, Please

COMMENT OF THE DAY: LET’S KEEP HOUSTON’S ODDBALL ORIGINALITY A LITTLE MORE ORIGINAL AND LOCAL, PLEASE Mythical Banana Bridge, Houston“Well, so much for the oddball originality that made Houston special. If you’re gonna rip off an idea, at least cover your house in wine corks or build an elaborate complex paying homage to the health benefits of bananas. Come on, people, you’re better than this.” [Amanda, commenting on Houstonians Are Attaching Their ‘Love Locks’ to Buffalo Bayou’s Rosemont Bridge] Illustration: Lulu

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  • well if it’s the originality nipping at your panties, fret not. embelishing bridges in blocks of locks is common practice in lots of places. It’s just harder for houston’s drivers to do it at 40 mph, so until recently we’ve been deprived of this sweet expression of transit infrastructure fraternity.

  • Recently went to a Houston dive bar frozen in time since 1970, and one of the hipster douchebags accompanying our group made the comment, “Man, this place is so cool. It’s just like Austin.”

    I tried not to spit up my beer and punch him in the head (successfully). Also figured it not worth the effort of explaning that Houston has many bars and cool spots that have been around long before Austin was the place to be, and actually before this DB was even born. And that not everything cool here today is borrowed from some pkace else.