Comment of the Day: Men Are from Memorial Forest, Women Are from Vintage Lakes

COMMENT OF THE DAY: MEN ARE FROM MEMORIAL FOREST, WOMEN ARE FROM VINTAGE LAKES “There should be a special term for a home whose decor is so utterly commandeered by the lady of the house. A ‘Yes, Dear’ Domicile, or Hobby Lobby Home, or Craft Palace. And in fairness, one too for a stereotypical manly-man’s house, one loaded with hunting trophies, duck art, rock samples, and lots and lots of wood and dark paint.” [Miz Brooke Smith, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The So Big House]

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  • Miz Brooke Smith, always good for a great comment! I laughed at that one last night.

  • EMME thinks Miz Brooke Smith is not a Ms. But EMME thinks MizBrooke Smith is a funny, funny lady, Ms or not.

    Hey KJB, I adopted a little dog that will only go potty on asphalt. Did you give yours up? :)