Comment of the Day: Need More Bars High in the Sky

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NEED MORE BARS HIGH IN THE SKY Sky Bar“It’s amazing to me how many people appreciate what Cody’s Skybar offered Houston, while it never seemed to inspire imitators. It’s remarkable how a little elevation can lend so much atmosphere to a place in a flat city like Houston. Even when the weather was hot & humid. It was a delight to hang out on the outdoor patio and enjoy the view. . . .” [Guido, commenting on How the Montrose ‘Skybar’ Building Demo Is Going Down] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I loved Scott Gertner’s Skybar on Montrose. Scott Gertner is a great entertainer, performed oldies but goodies Dance and R&B , strong drinks and the Terrace was awesome. The place had a jazzy Vibe.—- the new place near the House of Blues is fun but does not have the vibe and is very expensive with limited tables

  • All these hipsters care about today is lite rail and first floor retail, there is no imagination anymore….

  • @Texmex01
    The first example of a dying imagination is the tired generalization of “hipsters”, and which, as a word in itself, smacks of cliche.

  • i can assure you that there are no hipsters talking about first floor retail, anywhere. that’s only a concern to the priviliged masses that can afford such expensive living, which automatically skews to an older and more professional crowd.

    same for light rail, it’s only beneficial to the old folks trying to commute to inner city offices during rush hour. when your de facto mode of transit is already a bike and you’re not commuting in rush hour traffic, what can a light rail possibly provide to you aside from inefficient routes and time consuming stops?

    I would agree that there is no imagination anymore, but would counter with the fact that’s not necessarily a bad thing. the montrose is now a neighborhood for the old and weatlhy and will continue to become progressively more so. this means all new ventures have to be supported with strong profit margins and a guaranteed market/demographic or they will end up failing miserably. as such, we’ll end up with a lot of businesses with some imaginative cost models and interpretations on tried and true business models. everything else is for the internet’s taking anyways.

  • Smacks smacks of cliche too. But it’s a good cereal.

  • I always thought that a fancy night club on the roof of the 47 story CenterPoint Energy Plaza downtown (the building with the bright circular spotlights on top) would be awesome. It would definitely be a destination, particularly for visitors and out of towners to show off the city.

  • Totally agree…especially with all the buildings we have we should def have more rooftoop lounges or just high rise bars with balconys