Comment of the Day: Reason Enough To Strip Off the Wallpaper

COMMENT OF THE DAY: REASON ENOUGH TO STRIP OFF THE WALLPAPER “There was a time when people didn’t have quite enough stimulation to totally tax their brains, so, they covered every surface of their environments with color, texture & pattern. Today we just multitask like Quakers on crack and, so, choose to return to minimalist architecture/surroundings. (It seems like a trend but it’s just self-preservation.)” [movocelot, commenting on Richelieu Style: The Patterns of Shepherd Park Plaza]

One Comment

  • Finally! Someone understands the value of removing visual clutter! I’m truly impressed with whoever wrote this.

    I only wish that the notion and trend would be obseved when designing computer architecture as well as physical architechture. This is one reason why Google is so nice, because it’s just a search bar.