Comment of the Day: Someone Was Sleeping in My Room!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SOMEONE WAS SLEEPING IN MY ROOM! “Never mind houses that have experienced murder-suicide or even natural death. A lot of today’s Houston area buyers seem to be creeped out by the thought of buying a house that someone else has LIVED in.” [GoogleMaster, commenting on Comment of the Day: Deal Killers]

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  • I remember the first time I heard someone use the term “used house.” It was about 15 years ago. Before then, a house was either just a house or it was a new house. Hearing someone describe it like a used car was really off-putting — as if it were something to be pawned off on less-fortunate people. Maybe that sentiment was common before then, but I grew up without much money and most people I knew couldn’t afford new homes.

  • “Pre-owned” Carol!

  • This is so true. I remember right after buying my house, one of my less tactful coworkers, on hearing when my house was built, said “Ewww. You live in an old house!” She was temporarily homeless and living in her car.

    Some of my friends have said “You’re going to want a new house. You’ll see.” I’ve told them all that what I most want is a house with trees in the yard.

  • I guess the folks who think used houses are icky never stay in a hotel. At least in a house you are using your own sheets and towels, and have some idea of where they’ve been and who they’ve been with.

  • What about renting an apartment unit? I guess that’s too dangerous for these pretentious paranoid types, it might blow their mind with the “ick” factor.

  • I believe this may be an explanation of the foreclosure crisis in a capsule.

  • All I can say is wow, just…wow. We are one spoiled-rotten society here in the US, aren’t we.

    Claire, your co-workers would have died of the vapors if they had seen my old house when we bought it.

  • Not to burst your bubble but it’s quite likely the people that built your oh so untainted new house, likely had some beers and took a ciesta in your new million dollar home. So in essence it’s already been lived in, Jose and Juan really thought highly of your concrete floors after a nice afternoon nap. Get used to the taint, or go live in a bubble…

  • After having worked for two major local homebuilders, I was shocked to discover that most subcontractors leave an organic surprise for every new homeowner in the form of a bowel movement, hidden somewhere in the home…closets, attic, pantry, fireplace, you name it. And I’m talking about ALL homebuilders. I was told by upper management that it’s a ‘statement’ from the have-nots to the haves. Charming.

  • Maybe that’s true with a “major” builder. The small QUALITY builders I know would kick their subs rears up one side of 11th and down the other. There would be back charges flying.

  • I’ve always liked the more sold “feel” of an older house. You can talk all you want about new, stronger lightweight materials, but the solid heaviness of real wood vs. chipboard and hollow doors is irreplaceable. My 30+ year old house doesn’t creak or leak like my neighbor’s 10 year old, twice as as expensive one.

  • Er, that’s more “solid” feel, not sold.

  • Couldn’t agree more, though I’ll take my 76 yeard old house, versus a 30 year old one too, aside from the wiring (which has been replaced).