Comment of the Day: The Black Holes Where Freeways Intersect

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE BLACK HOLES WHERE FREEWAYS INTERSECT “Freeway interchange corners like this one seem to be tricky places for anything to last a long time. The long flyover ramps create this weird phenomenon where you have to exit a couple miles back and ride the feeder to that spot. Yet those same ramps make the property very prominently visible to tens of thousands of people each day who pass by overhead in their car. For whatever reason, the properties seem to cycle in and out of use and disuse. The changeover is probably exacerbated by construction freeway construction, widening, and ramp rebuilds.” [Superdave, commenting on The End of the Greenspoint Mall Is Upon Us] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I wish they’d rethink the billboard laws in Texas. Allow more and bigger billboards. The billboards could be taxed, and the money earmarked to our State Parks –
    They desperately need it. Scenic routes could be designated in certain places, and billboards banned there.
    This would turn the buildings at the intersections of freeways into major advertising opportunities. It wouldn’t matter if the buildings lose money, the giant billboards on the roofs would make whatever profit the owners need. Or they might wind up demolishing the buildings to put billboards up in their place.

  • No boo. Greenspoint got ghetto when the woodlands mall opened. Why go there when there is a new fancy mall ten mins North?

  • You can’t ban billboards along federal highways (I-10, I-45, I-69, etc. They are protected by federal law, much to the dismay of anti-billboard and scenic groups.