Comment of the Day: What You Can Do with An Old Grocery Store

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH AN OLD GROCERY STORE “The Skaggs Albertson at Louetta and Kuykendahl is now a DPS Drivers License Center. The old Klein’s grocery store in Tomball is being turned into a Veterans Health Center. The old Walmart on 249 just south of Spring Cypress was turned into a training center for a company. The old Randalls on Jones is now a Habitat ReStore. Another good use is for a fitness center.” [Tejas, commenting on Comment of the Day: All Emptied Out with Nothing To Do] Illustration: Lulu

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  • At the corner of Hwy 6 & Dulles in Sugar Land, they converted the old Albertson’s into a movie house and the old Randall’s into a fitness center. Breathed a lot of life into a corner that had been struggling since HEB moved in and sucked the air out of two centers.

  • Real shame that Klein’s in Tomball is not a grocery store anymore, that was a beautiful place.

  • The former Food Town (?) on Ella just north of the RR tracks in Oak Forest has been turned into a mini-storage facility.

  • I think we should turn that old Randalls into an indoor movie studio, a waterpark, or a casino.

  • Kroger on 290 now a K1 Speed Karting Track and if you haven’t been it’s a lot of fun.

  • I wonder if you could blow out the walls and turn a grocery store into a covered open-sided farmers market. Get all those fruit and watermelon stands that are dispersed around neighborhoods into one place. Anyway, thanks everyone for the thoughts on this.

  • Furniture stores tend to be a good choice for old supermarkets.

  • ZAW, I’d have to think that there’s no way you could make the $$ work on a project like that.

  • Drew- why not? Lots of cities build ground-up farmers markets. And the Plaz Americas (Formerly Sharpstown) Mall is anchored by Mercados which are basically the same thing.

  • ZAW, it depends a lot on how cheap the land is. Most inner loop properties are extremely pricey and can’t afford to host a Mercados type of program.

  • I remember going to concerts on the North side at The Unicorn, it used to be a Kroger.