Comment of the Day: What You’re Seeing and Smelling in Flooded Apartments

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT YOU’RE SEEING AND SMELLING IN FLOODED APARTMENTS “I have a question regarding the apartments in Kingwood. There is a statement in the letter from the apartments indicating that there is a clear difference between mold and mildew. I understand it as they are both one and the same when it comes to interior livable spaces. If it smells and-or is visible you have a problem irregardless of the classification of mold or mildew. Is this not correct? Is there a legal distinction per Texas Law? Can someone please chime in? Thanks.” [It Smells, commenting on The City That Will Be Building and Rebuilding Forever; Houston’s Long Amazon Odds; The Latest Poke Place] Illustration: Lulu

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  • If you are smelling anything questionable indoors in Houston, it is mold NOT mildew. That goes for both flooded and non-flooded structures. Mildew grows on living organic matter. Mold decomposes dead tissue (like wood, paper, drywall, paint contents). If you value your health, get out of there. No landlord will tell you the truth. Your health will suffer… Headaches and poor quality sleep at a minimum. At worst you could develop allergies and sensitivities to other chemicals and foods as well. Live in your car like me if you have to, but get out of there!